Polaroid photography for events, weddings and Marketing.

Much more than a photobooth!

The schmiles concept.

Schmiles was born in Malta in 2012. It started with the idea of bringing Polaroid photography back to life.

Bringing back the feel of a printed photo. Remembering how photos used to develop.

It was a nostalgic process and we soon realised that we weren't the only ones missing the tangibility of a printed photo and the retro feel of Polaroid photography. 


The Schmiles Polaroid photobooth was created and will be at your wedding, event or Marketing activity providing your guests and brand ambassators with instantly printed Polaroid photos!


You can now hire our Photobooth service in malta for weddings, events, Marketing and any other special ocasions. Find more about our original Photobooth service in Malta here.

The perfect retro memory for your guests. Our cameras are portable and print photos instantly. If you're looking for a Photo Booth in Malta, you're in the right place.

Imagine a branded photo. Now imagine that this photo is a good old Polaroid. We have the most original photo booth in Malta. The Polaroid photobooth. Isn't that cool?

Just how we started. Providing unforgettable souvenirs to tourists in Malta. Now you can rent our unique Polaroid Photobooth in Malta for events and offer unique souvenirs to your guests.


This is in Porto, Portugal.

This is in Valletta, Malta.

Schmiles video baby. Yeah!


Brands that work with us:

Our packages for wedings and events.

Questions about our unique service?

Drop us a line or give us a call.


e-mail: hello@schmiles.com

Malta: +356 777 715 43

Portugal: +351 93 248 07 16

Canary Islands: SOON


Registered address:

8, Santa Rita street

SLM1486 Sliema





+ 356 77771543


+ 351 932480716

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Schmiles is a Polaroid Photo booth in Malta and a trademark of Schmart Limited,

Schmart Limited is a Company Registered in Malta, Company Registration Number: C56311

Schmiles is much more than a photobooth. Call us today to surprise your guests in your next event! The original Polaroid photobooth.
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