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Do you remember

Polaroid photography?

We do. We love them. We got them back!

Be it a wedding, a birthday party, a concert or any other special event, we always want our clients to embrace the best of memories with our Polaroid photobooth service.
We brought the Polaroid instant photos back and we will be taking photos of your guests in your next event! Our Polaroid photos are printed instantly, and will surely be treasured forever!
We can also personalize a photo frame to which the photo may be attached, creating the perfect souvenir.
  • No queues! - We don't oblige your guests to queue for a photo.

  • We don't ask anyone to go inside of a booth and jeopardize the venue.

  • Schmiles Polaroid cameras are mobile and print photos instantly! 3 seconds and done!

  • What fun! That's one of the most heard expressions when schmiles is around.

  • Our props will also add that little bit of extra giggling;

  • But seeing our Polaroid photos developing will be one of the most amazing things you'll be talking about.

  • Each photo is unique!

  • With Schmiles your event can be of any size.

  • We will adapt our packages to your needs and budget;

  • Schmiles will get creative and get the right PROPS;

  • Our photographers can also be dressed according to your theme; 

  • Our cameras as fast. 

  • Each photo is printed in 3 seconds!

  • Maximize the number of photos taken per hour, providing more Polaroid to everyone!

Our cameras are mobile!
Tailored to your event

What makes our polaroid photography service original and unique?

Instantly printed.
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