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"A wedding needs a bride, a groom and Polaroids."

Weddings are unforgettable and this is the way we want you and your guests to remember it.
The Schmiles unique Polaroid Photobooth for weddings will surprise your guests and give them the best souvenir.
Our Polaroid photos are printed instantly and our cameras are mobile so that we can make the most of the venue - we won't oblige anyone to go in a booth.
Apart from that, we don't ask your guests to queue. Our photographer will go with the flow and take photos where your gusts want and with whom they want. Simple.

Weddings and Polaroids are forever.

The Schmiles Polaroid Photbooth will absolutely rock your wedding.
Our photographers will be armed with our Polaroid instant cameras and take unforgettable pictures for you and your guests to keep and treasure.
We also provide you with a Polaroid guestbook where your guests leave their photos alongside their best wishes. This guestbook will be the bride and groom best memory of the special day! Find more about our Polaroid photobooth here.
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A Polaroid photobooth is cool, funky and fun!

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