A unique and original photo booth.

We use Polaroids to make your event unforgettable. 

Looking to rent a Photo booth in Malta?

Perhaps you're looking for a photo booth for your wedding?

The concept we've created will surely surprise you. Our Polaroid photo booth is adaptable to any event. Apart from that, Schmiles will always adjust the price to your budget or event size. Our photobooth service doesn't have a flat rate.
Our cameras are mobile and print instantly!
Check the types of events that we typically cover and in case you're planning something different don't hesitate to drop us a line.
  • Your clients will be delighted with the Polaroid souvenir!

  • Your brand will be exhibited, shared and loved;

  • A Polaroid photo is tangible and can be branded;

  • Schmiles Polaroid cameras are mobile and print photos instantly! 3 seconds and done;

  • We can do any sort of marketing event or branding exercise;

  • Check the brand that have worked with us > here.

  • Your stag/hen's party will be memorable!

  • Give your friends the best possible memory - a printed Polaroid! It will surely help them remember that epic night out!

  • We can create a Polaroid book for the lucky bride or Groom to keep as an unforgettable memory!

  • We can cover events of any size - check our packages here.

Polaroid Photobooth for Marketing and Branding
Polaroid Photobooth for Hen and Stag parties
  • Your guests won't speak of anything else until your silver wedding anniversary;

  • Everyone will have a fun and unique souvenir from your big day!

  • We can create a cool Polaroid guestbook, where your guests will write their best wishes and leave a Polaroid photo:

  • We can cover weddings of any size - check our packages here.

Polaroid Photobooth for Weddings
Polaroid Photobooth for Corporate and staff events
  • Be it a formal corporate event or a fun team building exercise, we can surely surprise your staff members or clients with the uniqueness of the Polaroid photobooth.

  • Provide your clients with a branded Polaroid they will treasure.

  • Build raport with your staff by offering them the coolest photo ever. A Polaroid photo!

  • We can cover events of any size - check our packages here.


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Schmiles is much more than a photobooth. Call us today to surprise your guests in your next event! The original Polaroid photobooth.
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